Our philosophy

For us, being winemakers means running the Ebner winery with total passion and expertise and making distinctive, forthright wines with every vintage. Traditional methods and the courage to embrace innovation inspire our work at the Ebner wine estate, now in the third generation of our family. Sustainability, quality and authenticity are not aspects that we merely feel: we live by these principles and happily pass them on to our guests. Brigitte and Florian Unterthiner and family look forward to your visit to our wine cellar, with its authentic DOP wines, and to our wine tavern.

Our vineyards

The Ebner estate is located on the sunny plateau of the Rittner Horn on a rocky outcrop near Atzwang in the southernmost reaches of the Eisack Valley, with wonderful views of the Schlern massif and Völs. A careful eye and caring hands ensure that our quality wines flourish in the southernmost reaches of the Eisack Valley. Red wine grapes grow on the sunny, terraced, south-facing slopes of volcanic origin; white varieties thrive in the airy southeast-facing locations. Our quality wines from the Eisack Valley are largely trained on a 40-year-old pergola system, whose root system ensures that the grapes are ideally supplied with nutrients even in dry periods, their vitality maintained through gentle pruning.

Our wine cellar

In the wine making process, it is highly important for us to explore limits with patience and sensitivity without actually exceeding them: we rely on our experience and our intuition during cultivation and in the wine cellar to produce profound, full-bodied and well-structured wines. We carefully maintain the sandy-clayey, calcareous and porphyry-containing soils of the Eisack Valley to allow wines of a unique fullness and length to mature, with a typical, mineral character and a striking elegance. We accompany our berries sustainably and diligently from the vine, thence to the wine cellar, and finally to the bottle, bringing our ideas to fruition in your glass.

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